demands its forest back

It's our duty to protect it!

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Our country is home to the largest secular and virgin forests in Europe , our main source of oxygen and habitat for the population of brown bears, wolves, lynx and many other valuable species. But we don't know how long it will stay that way.


The land covered by forests has dropped dramatically: from 18 million hectares just 100 years ago to only 7 million hectares today, due to deforestation.


Now it's more important than ever for us to protect the forests - the most precious resource of Romania. 🌱

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Causes and effects of deforestation

Deforestation in the country does not only affect us locally, but their consequences can have global effects, such as global warming or the permanent disappearance of biodiversity or fauna that is unique globally - right here in Romania.

Deforestation contributes with up to 12-17% to the total global greenhouse gas emissions. (World Resources Institute);

The area covered by forest in Romania decreased to only 29%, well below the European average of 43%, due to illegal deforestation;

3 hectares of forest disappear illegally every hour in Romania, according to the latest estimates, contributing to the over 420 billion hectares of forest lost worldwide in the last hundred years;

Deforestation leads to the disappearance of the natural habitat of wild animals, which are forced to look for food near humans, endangering each other.

The last two wolves in Yellowstone Park were hunted down in 1926 as a result of economic decisions in the early twentieth century.

This unfortunate event created effects over generations, leading to deforestation of large areas, diversion of watercourses and decimation of biodiversity in the area. It seems incredible, but the close connection between fauna and flora and their crucial balance can create a strong domino effect where the extinction of the wolf is the cause and deforestation the effect.

Do forests need us?

Or do we need the forests?

Forests are a resource we cannot do without, and their importance far exceeds the value of the wood they can produce. Forest areas are just a wheel in the fine and complex mechanism that makes our planet spin harmoniously, here are some of the most important functions of forests:


Protects against the effects of storms, droughts, floods, earthquakes;

They host almost half of the Earth's known species, including 80% of its biodiversity;

Recirculates and purifies water and air just like an air conditioner;

Provides superior ecosystems that better support human health;

The Wolfpack Digital team

is actively involved in nature conservation

At Wolfpack Digital we love animals, and the Wolf is our totem and guide. We value every  nature escape, we cycle daily to and from the office and we are grateful to live in the heart of Transylvania, or "Country beyond the forest", where 37% of the total area is covered by forest vegetation. Therefore, we get involved in several relevant projects.

Thus, we want to be actively involved in the conservation of nature and, implicitly, of our home.

The Wolfpack Digital pack invites you to take action!

If you are among those who want to help preserve nature, but don't know where to start, here are some things you can do right now.

Mai Mult Verde

Redirects 2% to "Mai Mult Verde"

We plant Good Deeds

Give a planted tree as a gift

Forest Inspector

Report illegal actions that destroy forests with the Forest Inspector application


Keep nature close to you at home, and take care of it with the smart Raindrops pot

Plant in Romania

Participates in volunteer actions with Plant in Romania

Agent Green

Participate in volunteer activities with Agent Green

Greenpeace Romania

Participates in volunteer actions with Greenpeace Romania

Be a responsible consumer

Consciously reduce the use of paper, cardboard and wood in everyday life and look for products made from recycled or recyclable materials when shopping.

Fii un consumator responsabil

Redu în mod conștient utilizarea de hârtie, carton și lemn în viața de zi cu zi și caută produsele din materiale reciclate sau reciclabile atunci când mergi la cumpărături.

Image by Ravi Roshan